Ushgorod - Ukraines Gate to Europe

A portray of the diverse city Ushgorod, which functions as a
hub for the transcarpatian region. It lies next to Poland and
Hungary and borders directly to Slovakia and is home to
around 120 000 people.

The city changed numerous their emporor in the past. After
belonging to Hungary from the 11th century and later to the
Habsburg dynasty for more than 300 years, it became in
conclusion of a peace treaty in 1919 part of the new founded
Czechoslovakia, but after the WWII Ushgorod was given to
the Soviet Union and held till the dissolution in 1991. Since
then it belongs to Ukraine.

The diversity is strongly seen in the architecture of the city.
The old town reminds a lot of the austrian-hungary epoque,
whereas the suburbs landmark is scarred by postsoviet
prefabricated buildings.

In between the human being....

- Dominik Geiger